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Why Saarang is Different from other plotted development projects

Updated: Mar 4

Saarang is not what you have seen in Bangalore our plotts is not only for build your home.

Our vision is to make a weekend destination for you and your family.Saarang is providing all kind of off beat amenities to enjoy your full weekend with friends and family

For what all-purpose you can use saarang

  1. Build a weekend home for your friends and family

  2. Covert as a farmland

  3. Build your retirement home

  4. Enjoy your free time with pets

  5. Invest for your kids

  6. Build your dream home

What's more?

Saarang providing you log huts to stay in the property so you no need to build your home there with that we are giving you a place to have a campfire tent stay cooking facility and much more

Our main vision is to give you a hassle-free living atmosphere

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